Global Services

After running warden svc up for the first time following installation, the following URLs can be used to interact with the UIs for services Warden runs globally:

Customizable Settings

When spinning up global services via docker-compose Warden uses ~/.warden as the project directory allowing a .env placed at ~/.warden/.env to function for overriding variables in the docker-compose configuration used to deploy these services.

The following options are available (with default values indicated):

  • TRAEFIK_LISTEN= may be set to for example to have Traefik accept connections from other devices on the local network.

  • WARDEN_RESTART_POLICY=always may be set to no to prevent Docker from restarting these service containers or any other valid restart policy value.

  • WARDEN_SERVICE_DOMAIN=warden.test may be set to a domain of your choosing if so desired. Please note that this will not currently change network settings or alter dnsmasq configuration. Any TLD other than test will require DNS resolution be manually configured.


Setting TRAEFIK_LISTEN= can be quite useful in some cases, but be aware that causing Traefik to listen for requests publicly poses a security risk when on public WiFi or networks otherwise outside of your control.

After changing settings in ~/.warden/.env, please run warden svc up to apply.