Warden Usage

Common Commands

Launch a shell session within the project environment’s php-fpm container:

warden shell

Stopping a running environment:

warden env stop

Starting a stopped environment:

warden env start

Import a database (if you don’t have pv installed, use cat instead):

pv /path/to/dump.sql.gz | gunzip -c | warden db import

Monitor database processlist:

watch -n 3 "warden db connect -A -e 'show processlist'"

Tail environment nginx and php logs:

warden env logs --tail 0 -f nginx php-fpm php-debug

Tail the varnish activity log:

warden env exec -T varnish varnishlog

Flush varnish:

 warden env exec -T varnish varnishadm 'ban req.url ~ .' 

Connect to redis:

warden redis

Flush redis completely:

warden redis flushall

Run redis continous stat mode

warden redis --stat

Remove volumes completely:

warden env down -v

Further Information

Run warden help and warden env -h for more details and useful command information.