Magento Functional Testing Framework

For information what Magento Functional Testing Framework is - please follow to MFTF DevDocs.

MFTF is part of Magento 2. To run tests you need Selenium instance with Chrome Webdriver. Warden provides Docker setup that contains Selenium Standalone with Chrome. You can enable it by adding the following to the project’s .env file (or exporting them to environment variables prior to starting the environment):


After generating MFTF configuration files (dev/tests/acceptance/.env generated by vendor/bin/mftf setup:env command), you need to provide selenium hostname:


Debugging MFTF Tests

By default Warden uses headless Chrome browser. If you want to preview the tests - you need to extend .env file and update environment containers (warden env up -d)


Default password for VNC session is secret

To preview the process of testing, you need any VLC client that provides SSH Tunnel support (eg. Remmina). To preview the process of testing, you need to use tunnel.warden.test:2222 (login: user):

Remote Desktop Viewer

Remote Desktop Viewer


Remmina Configuration

Allure reports

To access Allure reports generated (automatically updated each 60 seconds), you need to open in your browser:

  • https://allure.exampleproject.test/