Welcome to Warden’s documentation!

Under the hood docker-compose is used to control everything which Warden runs (shared services as well as per-project containers) via the Docker Engine.


  • Traefik for SSL termination and routing/proxying requests into the correct containers.

  • Portainer for quick visibility into what’s running inside the local Docker host.

  • Dnsmasq to serve DNS responses for .test domains eliminating manual editing of /etc/hosts

  • An SSH tunnel for connecting from Sequel Pro or TablePlus into any one of multiple running database containers.

  • Warden issued wildcard SSL certificates for running https on all local development domains.

  • Full support for Magento 1, Magento 2, Laravel, Symfony 4, Shopware 6 on both macOS and Linux.

  • Ability to override, extend, or setup completely custom environment definitions on a per-project basis.